There are a lot of intake systems out there proclaiming to suck in only cool air. If you ask me, I’d say that most of these brands are blowing smoke or sucking hot air! And when looking for performance don’t you want an air intake system that isn’t sucking hot air? Well, you now have nothing to worry about because Airaid makes a legitimate air intake system that doesn’t proclaim to be anything other than a cool air intake system.

The Airaid Jr. air intake system features a sealed air box, which was designed to keep hot air out. That means this air intake system will suck only the coolest air, shooting it directly to your engine. Cooler air means faster combustion, more horsepower as well as better fuel economy.

Instead of having a stuffy, low flow filter, these air intakes offer a unique design with a filter made of gauze. The gauze filter system allows for a better, more consistent flow. Did I mention they are washable and 100% Reusable?

That’s not all, there’s more great news, keep reading! The Airaid Jr. cold air intake system is made to custom fit your vehicles make/model, fitting perfectly. It will completely replace your factory system and takes a half hour or less to install.

The proof is in the pudding! You’re looking at the best cold air intake system on the market. The Airaid Jr. air intake systems will out perform the competition, exceeding all your expectations and more! Made by Airaid.