Use-as-needed universal seat covers

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ARIES Seat Defender™ are unlike any other universal seat covers. They are designed to be used as needed. Instead of covering up stains or tears in your vehicle’s interior, a Seat Defender™ works as a temporary seat cover to stop damage before it happens.

In addition to their innovative use-as-needed approach, Seat Defender™ seat covers feature a dual-sided construction to be complete waterproof and slip-resistant. They are available in multiple styles and sizes to suit the needs of your vehicle and lifestyle.

These waterproof seat covers are perfect for everything from work trucks and offroad Jeeps to family SUVs and minivans. They can be placed under a carseat to catch falling milk cups or laid out in the cargo area to contain a pile of messy tools.

When your Seat Defender™ seat covers get too messy, simply throw them in the washing machine. The fabric surface cleans up easily and dries quickly in the open air (air dry only).

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