OEM™ seat covers are made of factory quality fabrics which look a lot like the original.
Our current series of fabrics is inspired by the Chevy Silverado ad GMC Sierra.
The durability wear rating exceeds 100,000+ double rubs and that’s a rating that F-150, Ram, Tundra, Tacoma and Titan owners can respect.
The colors were selected by creating a composite profile of the most popular interior colors of vehicles.
OEM™ Series Covers really do provide unparalleled value for people who want solid benchmark quality protection.
The O.E.M. Series features a durable 600 Denier accent fabric with an automotive style fabric for the insert section. The 600 denier polyester is highly water resistant and has a high abrasion rating making it really tough when sliding in and out of your vehicle. The tops seating surface is foam backed providing additional cushioning for added comfort. They blend discreetly with your vehicle’s current interior for a nice factory style look. They also provide exceptional seating protection with the benefits of easy washing and drying. If you want a factory style look and performance then get the OE Series – Cloth Seat Covers.


Available in these colors