Low Cost Interlock Ignition Interlock Devices


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We offer the easiest, cheapest, fastest & most hygienic ignition interlock device available. Our ignition interlock system allows you to effortlessly complete your ignition interlock requirement and get you back on the road!

  • Low-Cost Interlock 777 Ignition Interlock Device

    • Simple 3-second straight blow technology to submit a sample
    • No inhale, no blow/hum, or any complicated test patters
  • Cheapest
    • All-inclusive and transparent approach, you will never find a hidden fee
    • Customer service available
  • Fast and Accurate
    • Fastest warm-up time
    • Submit a breath sample in any weather condition
    • 100% accurate reading each and every time
  • Most Hygienic
    • Thoroughly cleaned and tested at our headquarters prior to use.
    • Devices never go from client-to-client
    • Straight blow technology does not require inhale, making it the cleanest option.


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