Putco Luminix LED Light Bars


  • Putco’s High Power Luminix LED Light Bars deliver high quality, universal bright lighting that is 300% smaller than other light bars on the market. Each bar comes fully assembled and ready to mount on your truck, ATV, or to any area that you need high power LED lighting.
  • Constructed of black anodized 6061 billet aluminum, feature Nichia 3 Watts LEDs, and focus lenses that concentrate the light beam path. The miniaturized size of this bar makes it ideal for installation in narrow openings.
  • Available in 3.5 x 4.5” up to 70” lengths and include a wiring harness and standard mounting hardware. Unique radius applications available in lengths 30″, 40”, 50” & 60”.
  • No electrical hum
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Measuring .75” x 1.5” depth, from 3.5″ x 4.5” up to 70” lengths, this is the THINNEST
    and lowest weight Light Bar Available!
  • Fully Potted to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.
  • 15 degree focus lenses with output from 1200LM to 27,600LM.
  • Anodized Matte Black Finish.
  • Works with Industry Standard Brackets/Mounts.
  • Putco Luminix – LED LIGHT BAR – Manufactured and Assembled in USA by Putco.
  • Multiple Patents Pending – Design and Utility


  • • Solid State Design packed inside 6000 Series Aluminum with Powerful NICHIA LED’s.
  • • High Quality NICHIA LEDs to accomplish high LUMEN output with 3 Watts per LED.
  • • Full wiring harness with deutsche connectors included.
  • • Adjustable Mounting Brackets included.
  • • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware.


  • • 6000K Color Temperature.
  • • Rated at 3 watts / .75amps draw per LED
  • • IP69K rated for Dust and Moisture protection.
  • • 50,000 Hour LED Bulb life.
  • • All Putco Luminix Light Bars are rated for 12V to 36V right out of the box.
  • • Includes thermal control chips, over/under voltage protection.
  • • Operating temperature (Equal or greater to => -100 Degrees F to 180 Degree F

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