TRUCKBOSS Overland 6′ Mid-size Bundle


What makes TRUCKBOSS the best at Overlanding? First and most importantly, is that TRUCKBOSS gives you unlimited attachment points for any gear you are looking to haul. Second, we carry multiple deck sizes and options to ensure that we can fit a TRUCKBOSS deck to your truck. Third, you still get all the advantages of dry and secure under-deck storage even with your ride on top of the deck.

Bundle includes:

  • Fixed Deck 6′ Length x 65″ Width
  • Made from Extruded Aluminum
  • 4 Telescoping Support Legs
  • Cab Guard/Ramp Bar
  • 6 Tie-Down Rings
  • Weatherproof Seal

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Your pickup is more than just a truck. It’s your toolbox. Your toybox. Your carryall. Your personal space. A reflection of who you are. We understand that. So when we engineer caps and tonneaus for your pickup, we make sure they are going to help you make the most of every mile, job, or adventure.

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